led street light Copyright © 2011 LED Lighting and Solar Warehouse, Mark Walsh High Power Flood Light and Street Light Series Size (mm) Weight (g) Power Consumption (W) Input Voltage Colour Temperature Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) Beam Angle 6W Flood Light 115 x 85 x 95 mm 1000 g 6W 12V DC or 220V AC pure white, 6300K 80 lm/W 60 Degrees 20 W Flood Light 230 x 180 x 140 mm 2500 g 20W 12V DC or 220V AC pure white 6300 K 80 lm/W 60 degrees 50 W Flood Light 285 x 175 x 235 mm 3300 g 50W 12V DC or 220V AC pure white 6300K 80 lm/W, 60 degrees 635 x 335 mm 4600 g 30W 12V/24V DC or 220V AC pure white 2500 lm 60 degrees Street Light 110W 551 x 385 x 220 mm 12300 g 110W 220V AC pure white 80 lm/W 60  degrees led 20W flood light led 50 W flood light led 6W flood light led street light 30 W 30W Street Light Due to their low power consumption, it is very easy to solar power our LED flood lights thus having light available even in the remotest of areas. Especially our 6W flood light is extremely popular to shine along a fence line due to its narrow but very far beam.